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YOU will face death no matter what you try.



and ByeDumb !

All the things spoken by TRUMP are nothing compared to the idiot we have in office now. Americans must be smarter and say Bye to Dumb ideas. I did NOT get old overnight, remember that.
Try to put something INSIDE ME and I will kill you first.
Threaten my life, and YOUR life just became NOTHING to me.



Jan 12, 2021

Covid Satanic Ritual

The world has been going through a satanic ritual and COVID is the ability to make the WHOLE world a part of it without knowledge. Will you wake up before you are unable to be free?

Feb 26, 2021

Black Truths

Listen to a black man tell the truth about what the democrats are pushing on people. With all the "fake racism" that is being forced in our faces, its good to hear wisdom and truth from a comedian again.

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